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Burgery, żeberka, steki, przekąski... i to co widać :)

Information on currently available beers


Svijany Brewery  
Svijansky Rytir 12 Czechy

on tap for 1d
Svetly Lezak 

Lindemans Brewery  
Kriek Belgia
14,6° 3,5%  

WHALE on tap for 9h
Lambic wiśniowy 

Brouwerij Van Steenberge Brewery  
Gulden Draak Belgia
22° 10,5%  

WHALE on tap for 1d
Belgian Strong Ale 

Primator (CZ) Brewery  
Primator Weizenbier Czechy
13° 5,5%  

on tap for 9h

Pałacyk Łąkomin Brewery  
Dziki Dzik na Torfowisku Polska
21° 9,1%  

on tap for 1d
Porter Bałtycki Bowmore BA 

Mentzen Brewery  
White IPA Matters Polska
15° 6%  

Premiere on tap for 9h
White IPA z Earl Grey 

Monsters Brewery  
Zdejm Kapelusz Polska

Premiere New on tap for 22d
Pastry Sour 

Absztyfikant Brewery  
Simple Citra Polska
12° 5%  

on tap for 1d
Hazy APA 
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